Holy Family High School

Christian Service Logs

Well, your Christian Service logs are ready to be put to use! All logs have been updated, and can be found under the Spirituality tab.
Incoming Freshmen: You will be doing 20 hours at your grade school
Rising Sophomores: You will be doing 20 hours, working with the elderly population (i.e. convalescent home)
Rising Juniors: You will be doing 30 hours, working with the homeless population (i.e. soup kitchen, food pantry)
Rising Seniors: You will doing 30 hours, working at a Non-profit of your choice. You must ensure that you are having face to face contact with the people that you will be serving at the non-profit.
If you have any questions, please speak to Ms. Alvarez by emailing her at
calvarez@hfhsglendale.org, prior to going on Summer Break.
"Go, do not be afraid, and Serve"
Pope Francis