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Our Commitment is to College

Preparation with a Focus on Individual Growth and Well-Being

Holy Family provides a learning experience for our girls that embraces them wherever they are on their academic journey. With many college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement options to choose from, our academic preparation is focused on individual growth and support over the four year academic journey. Too often, we see teenage girls over-extended, highly stressed, and not confident about their future because of an inability to cope with the demands of the present. We remain committed to supporting girls' life-balance and personal well-being, while at the same time encouraging them to stretch themselves academically.

Many of our Advanced Placement courses are offered based on the girls' interest. Some over the past three years include:

AP Calculus AB                                       AP European History                             AP Chemistry   

AP English Literature                             AP Spanish Language                           AP Studio Art

AP English Language                            AP French                                                AP Physics 1

AP United States History                     AP Government                                       AP Biology

Honors courses, our advanced high school courses, are available in each department.

Our Commitment to Individual Support

Every girl is surrounded with support and guidance, with a collective commitment to their intellectual, personal and spiritual well-being along the way. Every spring, we celebrate this growth as our seniors matriculate to some of the top colleges and universities in the country.

Holy Family boasts a 100% college/university acceptance rate, with a 93% acceptance rate to 4-year schools. Some of the colleges and universities our graduates attend include the University of Southern California, the University of Kentucky, Cal Poly Pomona for Engineering, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University, among many others.

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