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The faculty at Holy Family play an enormous role in the life of our girls. They serve as mentors, coaches, advocates, and guides. Our faculty serve in many roles...

They are Professional Learners and Professional Development Facilitators

Our faculty are committed to ongoing professional development that make them better teachers of their subject area and better teachers of girls. Each faculty member has a dynamic personalized professional growth plan, tailored to their personal desires to better serve girls in the classroom. Our faculty also provide professional development workshops for other educators in the greater Los Angeles areas, especially in promising practices integrating educational technology into the traditional classroom environment.

They are Mentors

Alethea de Jesus, '19, said that her teachers are important in her academic and personal preparation for college. "I love my teachers because they are very supportive of me as an individual. When I hit learning roadblocks, my teachers know me so well that they can tailor their instruction to what I need. I can tell they care about me more than as just a student. They care about and know me as a person. It feels amazing to know that they can sense when I'm having a rough day or have a lot on my plate. Since I aspire to go to USC, I have a tough schedule this year with three AP courses and many co-curricular commitments. Their support is what helps keep me balanced academically and emotionally."

They are Coaches

Several faculty members coach an athletic team, from our popular volleyball squad to our basketball and track and field teams. "There is a strong relationship between perseverance in the classroom and perseverance on the court or field," said Assistant Principal Glory Williams. "We work passionately to show this to our girls and encourage them to discover their potential in a wonderfully supportive environment." 

They are Club Moderators

"The greatest pleasure of being a moderator at Holy Family is seeing how great ideas from our students come to fruition," said Head of School, Robert Bringas, Jr., who also moderates Key Club. "Our activities and events are truly student-initiated and student-led. With a little guidance and faculty collaboration, students embrace opportunities to explore their creativity and interests outside of the classroom. This spirit of encouragement I see from all moderators is an essential part of what makes Holy Family special." 



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