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Personalized Tuition Rates


Access to the Catholic, all-girls Holy Family High School experience is a commitment we make to our current and prospective families. Ensuring our school captures the rich and eloquent diversity of Los Angeles and its suburbs is an important part of our Admission process.

We offer a Personalized Tuition Rate, based on the demonstrated financial needs of each family, to make the transformational Holy Family experience accessible to a wide-range of economic circumstances. Holy Family High School assesses each family’s ability to pay in order to assign an appropriate tuition rate. While personalized rates are assigned based on demonstrated financial need, Holy Family cannot guarantee that we will meet the needs of all families.

Since the highest tuition rate does not completely cover the cost of the Holy Family experience, we derive much of the financial support for our Personalized Tuition Rates from the school’s operating budget, unrestricted, monetary gifts to The Fund for Holy Family and from foundations who are partners with us and believe in our mission. Base tuition for the 2019-2020 school-year is $9,942. Tuition includes the cost of instruction.

For 2019-2020 our families pay, on average, between:

$4,780 - $9,942


Additional Costs for 2019-2020 include:

Registration Fee: $600 (one time only)

Student Services Fee: $700 (one time only)

Activity Fee: $240 - $680 (one time only, based on grade level)

Book and Technology Fee: $390 (one time only)

iPad: Cost varies based on desired model (provided by each family)

Uniform Cost: Approximately $200 (one time only)

Auxiliary Costs from $300 - $700 based on co-curricular interests


Personalized Tuition Process


In addition to the general application requirements, families seeking a Personalized Tuition Rate should be mindful of the additional steps outlined below:

Step 1: On the application, ensure you check "Yes" in the section on Personalized Tuition indicating you desire a Personalized Tuition Rate. Click here to go to the online application.

Step 2: Return/Submit the application and schedule your preliminary Personalized Tuition Rate consultation with the Admission office.

Step 3: After being formally accepted, schedule a meeting with the Admission office to finalize your Personalized Tuition Rate.