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personalized tuition faq


Q: Who receives a Personalized Tuition Rate?

To be eligible for a Personalized Tuition Rate, a family must indicate on the Application that they are seeking a Personalized Tuition Rate and submit all required documents to FACTS by the deadline of February 14, 2020. Recipients come from families with a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.


Q: Does the School negotiate with families on Personalized Tuition Rates?

Unfortunately, no. Holy Family believes strongly in its high quality programming. The Personalized Tuition Rate Committee is thorough in providing qualifying families a rate that is objective, fair, and based on household financial need.

"Trust & Verify" is an important phrase in determining requests for Personalized Tuition Rates. The School uses a third-party service, FACTS Grant & Aid, to objectively assist the Personalized Tuition Rate Committee in determining a fair, equitable and accurate Tuition Rate for each family who requests one. Verifying that accuracy by collecting and using tax returns is a critical part of the effort. 


Q: How are Personalized Tuition Rates handled in families where parents are separated, divorced, remarried, or cohabitants?

Personalized Tuition Rates will not be considered unless complete financial information is received from both parents. Both parents are required to provide the required financial documents to FACTS Grant & Aid by the deadline. It is expected that both parents and all adults financially responsible for a student contribute to the cost of a student’s education regardless of legal agreements. The Personalized Tuition Rate Committee does not feel bound by the assertion that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses.


Q: How are Personalized Tuition Rates handled if one parent chooses not to work?

If a family has children over the age of six, it is expected that both parents are employed. If one parent chooses not to work, then a full-time income at minimum wage ($12.00/hour or $24,960) will be imputed to that parent for purposes of Personalized Tuition Rate calculations.


Q: What is the average Personalized Tuition Rate a family will receive?

Personalized Tuition Rates are based on demonstrated financial need. The most a family will receive is a 25% reduction off the base tuition, based on objective financial need. If a family is a Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) recipient, the most a family will receive is a 50% reduction in tuition, based on objective financial need, for as long as they maintain their award from CEF. 


Q: What if I get behind on my tuition payments and decide to apply for a Personalized Tuition Rate or renew my Personalized Tuition Rate?

Holy Family supports families who demonstrate financial responsibility and commitment to education. Tuition accounts for currently enrolled students must be in good standing with the Business Office to receive or maintain a Personalized Tuition Rate. If you are in financial arrears with the Business Office, a Personalized Tuition Rate will not be considered or may be revoked. All families are required to meet payment schedules under the terms of the Enrollment Agreement, a legally-binding document. Failure to do so may result in dismissal.


Q: Is preference given to any particular group?

While currently enrolled, Holy Family students receive priority, no other outside factor affects the designation of Personalized Tuition Rates. However, any qualified Personalized Tuition Rate request completed after our deadline of February 14, 2020 will automatically be placed in the Personalized Tuition Rate wait-pool.