Holy Family High School

Lea Lorenzana, '19


One of 40 young women accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Women’s Technology Program this summer, Lea shared with us how Holy Family prepared her for acceptance into this highly competitive program, which had 700 applicants.

“MIT has always been a dream school of mine,” said Lea upon her acceptance. “In the back of my mind I never really thought I had a chance, especially getting into a program with 700 other applicants. The encouragement I feel here and knowing that I am academically prepared inspired me to apply. The teachers at Holy Family are so supportive of me.”

Lea attributes the individualized attention that she receives from her teachers to the high school’s commitment to the education and success of young women.


Reflecting on her three years at Holy Family, Lea is grateful to her teachers who, “have given me that personalized attention and know me for who I am. They have helped me to pursue things that I never thought were possible. I see myself developing from a quiet freshman into an articulate leader.”

Lea looks forward to her senior year, applying to her dream colleges and pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering. “I love innovation and like to serve others especially those who are less fortunate. I want to find creative ways to make things in life more affordable, accessible, and efficient for all people,” said Lea who also won the 2018 City of Los Angeles Women in Engineering Day Essay Contest, whose essay focused on the design of innovative transportation systems to handle high volumes of tourism during the upcoming 2028 Summer Olympics in LA.

When asked if Lea would choose Holy Family again, she enthusiastically responded, “Of course! I love Holy Family…..it is everything that I could want!”  

Lea looks forward to applying to many colleges and universities, including MIT, Stanford, Georgetown, Boston University, Brown, Princeton, Northwestern University, Cal Tech, Cal Poly Pomona, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.