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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Program invites the entire school community to celebrate the many ways we embrace the Catholic faith. Through class-specific retreats, all school Masses, prayer services and other celebrations our young women prepare to take their place as future leaders with a strong faith foundation.

Prayer and Spiritual Life 

"Liturgy moves the faithful, filled with the 'Paschal Sacraments' to be "one in holiness." - Sacrisanctum Concilium

We have young women of all faiths, filled with this oneness, as they lead the entire school community in prayer through an active participation in Mass music, lecturing, altar serving, ushering, and distribution of Holy Communion. 

Peer Ministry 

"Love and Charity, are service, helping others, serving others. There are many people who spend their lives in this way, in the service of others. When you forget yourself and think of others, this is love." - Pope Francis

Each young woman is encouraged to discover and share her gifts and talents through participation in the many activities associated with peer ministry. Our girls participate in leadership training for the retreat programs, ministerial training and outreach projects.

Sacred Space

 "When you call me, and come pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me." - Jeremiah 29:12-13

The school chapel serves as a place for prayer, comfort, and quiet space for our young women. It gives them an opportunity to stop and reflect during strenuous times and for moments of joy and gratitude. The chapel doors are open to all faiths, and are never closed.

Gaels Farewell