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We are committed to inspiring each young woman to recognize her gifts, discover her voice and find her purpose. Often times, classes, sports, and school activities are not enough to allow for the deep exploration of the core of who you are. We have a unique program called Exploration of Self, where our girls get to learn more about the world and themselves. Unique to Holy Family's approach to the education of girls, each semester, our teachers offer creative, non-academic experiences where the girls can explore rich new ideas, focus on their personal and spiritual well being, and bond with and learn more about one another. 

This Spring, our girls gravitated to the following Exploration of Self experiences:

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba: Learning how the meditative, centering power of yoga can help you balance your life and how fitness and well-being can be fun with Pilates and Zumba.

Italian Culture, Conversation, and Music: Learn conversational Italian, about Italian Culture and study the music of Italy.

An Additional Study Hall: For the student who needs more time.

TED and Me: Hear the stories of women selected to be TED speakers and through them discover your true potential.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Study the literature, mythology and world of the Harry Potter universe.

Become a Movie Critic!: Learn to study and critique the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films of all time.

Learn to Sing: Learn the basics of singing technique and then showcase your new talent.

I'm at my Wit's End!: Develop your critical thinking and logic skills with brain teasers.