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The GAELS | DISCOVERY program is designed to provide both an exciting and educational experience to areas of study not traditionally found in the school setting. The three sub-programs are carefully designed and integrated into the curricular programming of the school to inspire the girls.

DISCOVER | YOUR ROLE — Catalina Environmental Stewardship Experience

A three day, two night excursion for Grades 9 and 10 to Catalina Island through the Catalina Island Marine Institute to learn about the importance of environmental stewardship through marine science and ecology, and other issues facing our world today such as pollution and how it affects nature and marine life. Learning hands-on from marine biologists, environmental scientists, ecologists, among other experts in the field, our girls receive real-world, problem-based learning experiences as well as fun experiences such as kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking. (Photo Credit: Canva Pro Stock)




DISCOVER | YOUR POTENTIAL — High Sierra Leadership and STEM Experience

A three day, two-night excursion for Grades 11 and 12 to Big Bear to be immersed in problem-based learning experiences surrounding  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM experiences are provided by leaders in the field and provide the girls with collaborative and collective inquiry-based learning activities including STEM topics such as astronomy. Leadership development includes seminars and workshops on public speaking, confidence, and articulation, leading others, vision development, among many others.  Team building activities occur including high ropes course, hiking, time in the lake, and archery training. (Photo Credit: R. Bringas)






DISCOVER | YOUR WORLD — Annual World Exploration Experience (optional)

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun - Easter Vacation 2023

During Easter vacation 2023, an additional experience is offered to families through EF Tours (Tour number 2477110BW) as we embark on a tour of Japan. Click HERE for the link.

Japan has had many identities through the centuries; its story is a fascinating one. Tokyo is the modern-day center of pop culture and business, while Kyoto remains the most traditional of the big cities. The country has unsurpassed natural beauty—see it from the window of the high-speed shinkansen train and in the majestic lakes and mountains of Hakone National Park. (Photo Credit: Canva Pro Stock)


Capitals of the British Isles (plus Paris, France) - Easter Vacation 2024

During Easter Break 2024, join us for a trip across the pond through EF Tours (Tour Number: 2552267KP). Click HERE for the link to register today!

Gain a deeper understanding of the British Isles’ fascinating geographical, political, and social history by exploring four of its renowned capital cities: Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, and London (plus Paris, France). Step inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle, behold the natural wonder of Giant’s Causeway, and keep an eye out for royalty at Buckingham Palace. Then, take a train ride in the Chunnel to Paris to end this 12-day excursion.


Highlights from Bell'Itlalia 2022 
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