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Being a student at Holy Family has positively changed me in so many ways emotionally as well as helping me grow in my self-confidence. Before Holy Family, I attended a public elementary and middle school. When I was younger I was very shy, so much so that I would sometimes be scared to talk to some of my own family members. In public school, I learned to blend in and make a few good friends to avoid situations that would make me stand out. At Holy Family, I've had the opposite experience. Everyone is welcoming and has encouraged me to be a leader in the school. Outside of school I dance ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and hip hop and have been dancing since I was three. I love dance because I can express myself without needing words. When I came to Holy Family last year as a freshman, I was excited to join dance class. Soon after becoming a part of the dance program, the other dancers gave me so much confidence through uplifting and supportive words and compliments. I couldn't believe it. Ever since that day I have felt more confident in myself as a dancer and as a person. I absolutely love going to school here. My teachers surround me with so much support. I just love Holy Family so much!

- Jessie, Grade 10


I transferred into Holy Family this year after having moved to Burbank from Wisconsin since my dad took a job at Disney as an Imagineer.  I loved how Holy Family had so many amazing programs that include trips to Catalina Island, Big Bear, and Boston. And, when I visited in the spring before we moved and met the girls, they're all so welcoming and happy. The girls here made my transition to California and a new school simply wonderful. I feel so cared about, like a part of the family. Since I want to go to college in California, I was impressed with the schools that Holy Family graduates get into. There's no other high school I'd rather be at. I'm so glad that I can call Holy Family my second home.

- Julia, Grade 11




My passions at Holy Family have been with volleyball, fashion club, and being a leader in ASB. I've played volleyball both for Holy Family as well as my club team and also serve as a volunteer coach for young girls in my club program and at my grade school. Since I have so many commitments to school, sports, extra curricular activities, and volunteer work, sometimes my life can get hard to balance. I'm so fortunate that my teachers are there for me during these times and know me for who I am. This is one thing I love about our school. The faculty and staff are considerate of all of us and take into account everything we have going on. What I love most about Holy Family, however, is the close feeling of sisterhood we all share. Everyone here is really friendly and open minded. I love Holy Family and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

- Meghann, Grade 12

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