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Being a student at Holy Family has positively changed me in so many ways emotionally as well as helping me grow in my self-confidence. Before Holy Family, I attended a public elementary and middle school. When I was younger I was very shy, so much so that I would sometimes be scared to talk to some of my own family members. In public school, I learned to blend in and make a few good friends to avoid situations that would make me stand out. At Holy Family, I've had the opposite experience. Everyone is welcoming and has encouraged me to be a leader in the school. Outside of school I dance ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and hip hop and have been dancing since I was three. I love dance because I can express myself without needing words. When I came to Holy Family last year as a freshman, I was excited to join dance class. Soon after becoming a part of the dance program, the other dancers gave me so much confidence through uplifting and supportive words and compliments. I couldn't believe it. Ever since that day I have felt more confident in myself as a dancer and as a person. I absolutely love going to school here. My teachers surround me with so much support. I just love Holy Family so much!

- Jessie, Grade 10

I transferred into Holy Family this year after having moved to Burbank from Wisconsin since my dad took a job at Disney as an Imagineer.  I loved how Holy Family had so many amazing programs that include trips to Catalina Island, Big Bear, and Boston. And, when I visited in the spring before we moved and met the girls, they're all so welcoming and happy. The girls here made my transition to California and a new school simply wonderful. I feel so cared about, like a part of the family. Since I want to go to college in California, I was impressed with the schools that Holy Family graduates get into. There's no other high school I'd rather be at. I'm so glad that I can call Holy Family my second home.

- Julia, Grade 12



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